rightFrequently Asked Questions

How do you know which group my child should be in?

We look carefully at the information you give us on your application form, and use it to place your child in the most appropriate group – both in terms of age and experience. Please note that, depending on the overall makeup and standard of all the children on each course, the thresholds for the groups will vary. This could mean that your child does not move up a group when you are expecting so, or alternatively we need to move children around to maintain the important balance of age and standard within each group.

My child was in the blue group last year; when can they move up?

When a child moves up depends partly on their progress, but also on available space in the next group up. We feel strongly that children are sometimes much happier playing slightly easier music to a high standard with great confidence, rather than struggling at the very bottom of a harder group.

Can you take children who are older beginners?

Yes, we welcome older beginners. We work very hard to balance their musical and social needs, as far as we can. Older beginners may find themselves grouped with slightly younger children but where possible we will adapt music to enable them to play with their own age group.

My child wants be in the same group as their friend; can you do this?

This depends on the children being at roughly the same level, and if we can we’ll try and keep friends together. However, if friends are not put into the same group, we rarely find this to be a problem as there is plenty of social time throughout the day where all the children can spend time with each other.

What supervision is there at break/lunchtime?

Break times and lunch times are always supervised by a first aid trained member of staff. As our courses are generously staffed, there are always plenty of adults around (and often one or two playing football!).

Do they need a packed lunch?

Yes, all the children staying for the full day need to bring a packed lunch. During the morning and afternoon break times, squash and biscuits are provided.

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